Eddie S.

Build Engineer

Age: 25

Current Studio: Sharkmob (London)

Location: South England

Freelance: Unavailable 

Social Media:

About me...

I am a driven individual wanting to improve the quality of AAA Games by creating Build Pipelines, Tools  & use the power of Automation to help make the creative process easier for teams.
I've shipped three games and worked on multiple upcoming releases, both in QA and Software Engineering.

My Primary Tech Stack:

Education Timeline:

  • Beyond College...

    January 2016 to Present

    Since leaving UTC, my Education hasn't stopped. At first I joined a Traineeship Program at Microsoft, shortly followed by an Apprenticeship in QA at TDB Fusion. Since then, I've continued to participate in courses and self teach a variety of different technical topics 

  • UTC

    September 2015 until January 2016

    After leaving Secondary School, I joined UTC Reading. A college partnered with Microsoft. Taking part in a Software Development Course. 

  • Secondary School

    September 2010 until July 2015

    I went to a Secondary School in Berkshire, at which I gained GCSE Qualifications, totalling 7 A* - D GCSE's.  

Personal Projects:

Gaming Masters 

March 2008 until June  2018

I created my own online network of sites, covering Tech, Games, Entertainment and much more.  This was successful enough to get invites to press events & review codes

IGDB Wordpress Plugin

September 2016 until October 2020

When I ran Gaming Masters, there was a want to have an automatic way of displaying Game Releases on the website. So I created a plugin using the IGDB API to do it.

Gitlab (Open Source Contributions)

March 2018 to Present

I have contributed to the open source Gitlab Project since 2018, both the website and the core application. All of my personal projects are hosted on Gitlab. This website uses the Deployment solution. In 2019, this resulted in being invited by Gitlab to attend the Gitlab Commit Event in London. 


November 2019 to Present

I've always enjoyed Photography, but now have an online gallery and I'm also interested in taking photos at events in the long term. 

Twitch Affiliate

August 2021 to Present 

I have periodically streamed on Twitch over the years. In August 2021, this resulted in reaching the affiliate status on Twitch.

Unannounced Projects

I'm always looking for new projects and hobbies, so there is probably something I'm working on that hasn't been shared yet. 



DevOps + Tools



Dance (EDM) Music





Current Music:

Currently Playing:

Cities Skylines II

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty



Mastering DevOps - Udemy

C++ Game Programming 1 + 2 - Linkedin

7 GCSE's A* - D Grade

Working towards other qualifications such as C# & Networking