Eddie S.

Currently a Build Engineer at Sharkmob (London). 

Game Dev Career Timeline:

  • Build Engineer

    Sharkmob (Tencent)

    July 2022 to Present 

    I joined Sharkmob's London studio in 2022, as the first Build Engineer and one of the first 60 in London. The Malmo studio released Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt in 2022. Currently Sharkmob is working on Exoborne another original IP.

  • Associate Software Engineer

    Splash Damage (Tencent)

    November 2020 to July 2022 

    After working in Games QA for almost 4 years, I moved into a code role within the Splash Damage Build Team. Initially with a primary focus on Automation Testing, before switching focus onto Tools/Builds while continuing support work on Automation.  Splash are well known for games such as Dirty Bomb, Halo MCC & Gears Tactics.

  • QA Tester

    Rocksteady (WBIE)

    May 2019 until November 2020

    After leaving Criterion Games, i joined the team at Rocksteady. Well known for working on games such as the Batman Arkham Series. I was the QA Core Engine Feature Tester & assisted with Automation. 

  • Quality Analyst

    Criterion Games (Electronic Arts)

    March 2017 until May 2019

    My first professional role within the games industry, was at Criterion Games. Working as a Quality Analyst. Criterion are well known for franchises like Burnout and Need for Speed. I was a Feature Tester across all projects in a variety of different areas ranging from UI to Game Modes.   


DevOps, Tools & Automation

I am passionate about DevOps, Automation & Tools. Since my early days in Software QA this has been a key point of interest, and something that I want to focus on.


I am self taught and excited about code. I started by making tweaks to website designs and working on plugins. In recent years I have expanded to C++, C# and other languages.


I am up to date on the latest tech in the gaming space.

Quality Control

I have almost 5 years of experience within Quality based roles. Comprising of a year within Software, with the rest within games.


Before joining the games industry, I created both written and video content, across Tech and Games for my own media network.


I built and managed a small team within my media network, so have had some exposure to leadership.