I Am Eddie Stubbington

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About Me.

Quality Assurance Tester

I am Eddie Stubbington. I have a strong background in video games in development and previously web journalism. I am a huge fan of Ice Hockey, EDM and Photography. I love exploring busy places like London.

In May 2019 I left EA, where I had been for over two years on four projects, three of which shipped. I'm now working at Rocksteady Games in London.

Currently, I'm contributing to Gitlab (An Open Source Project) when I have spare time and making IGDB's Wordpress Plugin (Further details below), to further my coding skills. I am taking part in courses outside of work to help with my C++ and Python knowledge.

Quality Assurance
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Other Projects.

  • Gaming Masters (Personal)
  • A media network outlet created to cover news across both technology and gaming

  • IGDB Wordpress Plugin (Personal)
  • A WordPress plugin I coded using the IGDB API, that pulls down the upcoming game release dates.