Eddie Stubbington

Associate Automation Engineer at Splash Damage. 

Game Dev Career Timeline:

  • Associate Automation Engineer

    Splash Damage (Tencent)

    November 2020 to Present

    After working in Games QA for almost 4 years, Eddie moved into a code focused role within the Splash Damage Build Team, with a primary focus on Automation Testing. Splash are known for games such as Dirty Bomb &  Gears Tactics.

  • QA Tester

    Rocksteady (WBIE)

    May 2019 until November 2020

    After leaving Criterion Games, Eddie joined the team at Rocksteady. Well known for working on games such as Batman Arkham. 

  • Quality Analyst

    Criterion Games (Electronic Arts)

    March 2017 until May 2019

    Eddie's first professional role within the games industry, was at Criterion Games. Working as a Quality Analyst. Criterion are well known for franchises like Burnout and Need for Speed.  

Game Dev Projects:

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (March 2017 - Jan 2018) 

In March 2017, Eddie joined Criterion Games, his first project was Star Wars Battlefront 2. During this time his main focus was on Arcade & Starfighter Assault. 

Burnout Paradise Remastered (Jan - April 2018)

After wrapping up SWBF:2 and a couple of patches, Eddie moved onto supporting an external studio that was working on a remaster for Burnout Paradise. The majority of support was on PS4 & Xbox One Versions. 

Battlefield V: Firestorm (April 2018 - March 2019)

Once Burnout Paradise Remastered was shipped, Eddie started working on Battlefield V's Firestorm game mode. He was the POC for UI & Loot in the game. 

Unannounced Project (March - May 2019)

After working on BFV: Firestorm, Eddie worked on an unannounced project in the early stages. Providing Editor QA Support. 

Suicide Squad (May 2019 - November 2020)

After leaving Criterion, Eddie joined Rocksteady. Helping the team test Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Due for release in 2022. 

Unannounced Project (November 2020 - Present)

In November 2020, Eddie moved on to Splash Damage. Since then he has been working in the Build Team, with a primary focus on Automation. 


DevOps, Tools & Automation

Eddie is passionate about DevOps, Automation & Tools. Since his early days in Software QA this has been a key point of interest, and something that he wants to focus on more.


Eddie is self taught and excited about code. He started by making tweaks to his website designs and working on plugins. In recent years has expanded to C++, C# and other languages.


Eddie is usually up to date on the latest tech in the gaming space and is willing to learn, as well as teach others.

Quality Control

Eddie has almost 5 years of experience within Quality based roles. A year within Software, with the rest in games.


Before joining the games industry, Eddie created both written and video content, across Tech and Games for his own media network.


Eddie built and managed a small team within his media network, so has had some exposure to leadership.